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Change Wifi WEP Key for Innacomm W3400V Modem


1)  Go to

With condition of your LAN cable must be plug at the laptop with modem on.
It is okay if the modem did not connect to phone line.


 Modem Username : tmadmin
 Modem Password : tmadmin

 Above picture is the interface after login.
2) Go to quick setup , select 
Protocol : PPoE
Connection mode : LLC
Streamyx ID : username@streamyx (look at a streamyx form )
Streamyx Password :****** (Default password: TMM100)

REMINDER !!** If the Password of Streamyx is wrong , you will be connected , but there will be no internet access.On the signal will appear yellow(!). 

 3) Click NEXT after done all of the above.

4) In the SSID box , choose any name for ur connection name.

 5) Enter the new password for wifi in the network key WEP , it must be 13 ASCII characters .create any and write it in the box.

 6) After complete all of the box , click next , and it will appear the description.

 7) Press save and logout .

 8) DONE.


Anonymous said...

saya dah buka tapi dia device info saja..

auiz said...

mungkin tak login as admin kot.

Anonymous said...

oh,, username kene guna tmadmin beserta password tmdmin,,,
smlm aq guna tmuser password pun tmuser..
patutla tak boleh setup aq nyer router.. ciss,, nhahaha,,
thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Ada sapa2 tahu x default password wifi innacomm w3400 v6...

Anonymous said...

kalau dari TM passwd semua sama broo...

SyiedaCyg said...

yang penting kat sini dalam gambar 3 tu bahagian channel.
ramai yg x tahu pasal channel ni.
klau korg ada mslh network skejap ada n skejap xda
selalunya mslh ni berpunca dari channel sb channel korg sama atau bertindih dengan channel jiran.
so, kalau ada mslh ni sy sarankan jgn letak auto.
install inSSIDer kat laptop yg pkai wifi then korg blh trace korg pny channel.
klau ade channel yg sama, korg tukar kan je g channel lain.
klau jiran pkai channel 1 korg pkai channel 6, jarak kn 5 utk cvrage yg bgus.

panjang lg citenye..

khairol said...

semalam baru reg tm,diaorang dah mai pasang tapi security WEP la,try tukar WPA habis janaham..jadi limited access plak..blh ke dari WEP nak ke WPA sbb tm kata tk boleh..mohon pencerahan

Mohd Azizi said...

blh cite yg panjang tu?slalu slow time cuti sekolah....


Miey Wa said...

kenapa bila taip tmadmin dengan password sama jugak . tapi tak boleh login. tak faham

Boon Thye Ong said...

Why Google Chromecast unable to read/communicate with my TM Innacomm W3400V ? Advice please or any solution?

Anonymous said...

Nak tanya sikit, yang pasal username@streamyx tu nak refer kat mana?

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